Rust Removal

rust-removalCarolina Pressure Pros, LLC offers professional Rust Removal to our residential and commercial clientele. Our technicians are industry certified and can provide on-site demonstrations to show you how effective our Rust Removal services are!
Most heavy rust stains that are present on concrete are caused by grills, metal flowerpots, or garden hose reels. However, lighter and more widespread rust stains can usually be attributed to sprinkler systems or heavy watering for plants in your landscaping. The rust from the sprinklers or watering is caused by what is known as ‘hard water’. This is municipal supplied water that has a very high iron content. Once the water saturates your home or concrete, the water will evaporate while leaving this high iron content behind. Despite what many people believe, water does not cause iron to rust alone, it’s actually oxygen as well as water.
Fortunately, we have the necessary tools and cleaning solutions to completely remove all of the rust stains around your property. Unlike Rust Remover products that are sold in big-box stores, our Rust Remover cleaning solutions to not contain harsh acids. Many of the consumer grade Rust Removal products contain harsh acids that will actually damage your concrete or the substrate that they’re being applied to without significantly affecting the actual rust stain. In other words, you’re actually causing more damage to your property than improving it. So, allow us to quickly and effectively remove the rust stains on your property with our proven technique and use of the Best Rust Remover solutions to maximize your property’s curb appeal. Check out our before and after photos as well as our online reviews to see how happy our client are with our Rust Removal services!

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Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC offers our Professional Rust Removal services to Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Raeford, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Southern Pines, Pinehurst, Stedman, Eastover, Sanford, Aberdeen, and surrounding areas in North Carolina!