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Remove unsightly rust stains from siding, walls, and sidewalks.

Professional Rust Removal

No matter the surface – patio, commercial building, metal surface, siding – removing rust still isn’t easy. Rust can be difficult, hazardous, and annoying to remove on your own. And, of course, it’s ugly. So certain professional pressure washing techniques can remove rust stains? Yes! We’re not only equipped to remove your rust stains, we’re good at it!

Carolina Pressure Pros rust removal service professionals have been extensively trained in the art of rust removal, as well as in the ingredients used in common rust removal solutions. By being equipped with the knowledge to know the difference between which substances are harmless and which can be detrimental to your property, our staff is able to guarantee your rust will be removed safely and effectively.

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Spotless Sidewalks and Surfaces

Rust is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs when iron and moisture meet. This moisture can come from either air or water.  The reaction forms a reddish-brown or orange-brown coating.

Many Rust Remover products that are found in stores contain harsh acids. These products will actually damage your concrete or other surfaces without significantly affecting the actual rust stain. The collateral damage is actually worse than the rust itself.

Our products use no harsh acids and will not eat away at your surfaces. We know the difference so you don’t have to.

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Avoid Embarrassment

By safely removing your rust with the proper techniques, you won’t have to worry about those disgusting orange acid stains on your patio or walkways. Greet your friends with a clean space to entertain and relax.

Removing rust not only improves curb appeal, it also prevents other messes. Rust stains can sometimes get onto guest’s clothing or footwear, creating an embarrassing situation for both you and them. We’re here to help you tidy up your home and be prepared for any outdoor occasion.

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