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From roof to driveway, our soft washing and pressure washing will make your home shine


I couldn't be happier with the AMAZING job that Carolina Pressure Pros did with the external house cleaning did in just a couple of hours! Such a great outcome and the house looks like it was just constructed. I definitely recommend them to put a lot of polish on your home! I just became a future repeat customer!! Merry Christmas!

Roof Washing

A clean roof can really make your house stand out around the neighborhood, and is more likely to last longer without needing any expensive repairs.
As the experts, we know when to apply pressure and when to take our foot off the gas. Sometimes, simply blasting dirty areas on your roof can do more harm than good. That is why our certified and extensively trained staff has mastered the art of soft washing. This knowledge will allow us to clean and restore your roof without doing any damage to it.

Concrete Cleaning

When your driveway and walkway are clean, the rest of your property really pops. Your curb appeal will immediately improve, while your surfaces will be safer to walk on.
Oils, dirt, and other contaminants can make your concrete slippery and dangerous. By properly cleaning your concrete, we can rid your walkway and driveway of these substances. This process will also improve the durability of your surfaces.

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