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The Carolina Pressure Pros don’t just blast your house with a hose. We carefully determine the right amount of pressure that should be applied, and combine it with eco-friendly cleaning supplies to thoroughly wash your home. Our services will leave your house spotless and remove any dirty streaks that were previously sitting on your siding.

We treat your property like our own, and pride ourselves in servicing the Carolina community. While other contractors may leave you guessing whether they will show up and if they will get the job done, our house washing service technicians guarantee your satisfaction. We will leave your home looking clean and contaminant-free. Call the experts today!

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The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners certification award
HomeAdvisor's Screened and Approved stamp of approval
Veteran Owned Small Business recognition

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Perks Of A Spotless Home

Properly cleaning the exterior of your house is a great way to remove any hazardous contaminants and dirt streaks. Guests will get a great first impression when invited to your home.

The boost in your curb appeal will also raise your property’s overall value, in case you decide to put it on the market.

Removing the dirt and grime from your siding will make your home healthier and look better. By the time we’re done, your exterior will be picture perfect!

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Don't Make A Negative First Impression

The appearance of your home sets the tone for anyone who is invited over. A bad first impression could leave your guests thinking you are messy or do not care about cleanliness; whereas a clean home makes a bold and positive first impression. It can really stand out to your neighbors as well.

By letting dirt and other surface materials fester on your property, you are risking things like color deterioration, mold, and doing irreparable damage to your property’s value. If the situation worsens, you may even need to find money in the budget for unexpected repairs.

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Risks Behind DIY

Many people often believe they can get the job done on their own. This puts homeowners at risk of using unsafe chemicals that can actually harm your property. Even if you use good supplies, doing the job yourself isn’t as reliable and is very time-consuming. You risk missing spots, leaving uneven streaks, and may even damage your siding in some instances.

Our cleaning techniques are gentle and effective. A professional cleaning will leave your home looking better and lasting longer. See the difference by contacting a professional house washing team you can trust!

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