Deck Staining

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Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC offers these colors with our professional Deck Staining service.

Deck Staining Services

Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC is proud to offer professional Deck Staining services to our residential and commercial clients. Instead of using consumer grade, big box store stain and a separate sealant, we utilize a professional grade two-in-one stain and sealant called, Ready Seal. By utilizing a professional grade deck stain and deck sealer combo, this ensures that your deck is protected and looks beautiful for roughly twice as long as a consumer grade product.

Deck Staining Colors

Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC is able to offer our clients seven different colors of stain to match your home or as you prefer the color to be for your deck staining service! The colors offered are golden pine, light oak, natural cedar, pecan, redwood, dark walnut, and mahogany. Additionally, we can custom mix colors for your deck staining application to ensure that you get a custom matched color to your preference!

Why use our Deck Staining and Deck Sealer service

Consumer grade stain and sealer products have a tendency to form a moderately hard film on the surface of the wood to achieve “deck staining” properties. However, This type of stain is especially prone to failure through cracking and peeling as the wood naturally expands and contracts as the weather and temperature dictates. On the other hand, by combining our professional, and certified deck staining and deck sealing service along with a professional grade product, we can ensure that you will be extremely happy with the long lasting results. This is due to the fact that our professional grade stain actually penetrates the wood deep into the wood’s fibers. This penetrating type stain actually moisturizes the wood and the water-proofing oils create a flexible barrier that keeps all moisture out of the wood!

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Carolina Pressure Pros, LLC offers our Professional Deck Staining and Deck Sealer services to Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Raeford, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Southern Pines, Pinehurst, Stedman, Eastover, Sanford, Aberdeen, and surrounding areas in North Carolina!