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Wooden decks, wooden patios, and wooden porches require regular maintenance to maintain their quality. Our Deck Cleaning Service will take your gray, weathered deck and restore it to it’s highest potential! Don’t be fooled by Deck Restore Products that are sold at your local big box store, servicing your deck requires significantly more than what can be found in a single bottle or box. Most times, the Deck Restore Products that are being sold are simply solid coatings that are meant to mask and hide existing wear and damage.

Our deck and fence cleaning and restoration service will clean, brighten and completely restore your old looking wood surfaces. Your guests will notice the difference and you will be proud to show off your ‘new’ deck or fence.

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Why Use A Professional?

At first you might think that simply grabbing a DIY pressure washing machine and blasting your deck or fence will do the same job as using a professional. Most homeowners, and some contractors, quickly realize this isn’t the case. There are a number of things that can go wrong if wood restoration is left to untrained hands.

First, the wrong pressure can severely degrade the wood, causing splinters and unsightly furring. Second, the chemicals used to treat and brighten wood need to be in careful balance to avoid unwanted stains and streaks. Most DIYers and contractors don’t realize this until it’s too late. Now the wood has to be replaced and the cost is in the thousands (have you seen timber prices?). We’re experts at wood restoration and take pride in doing the right job so costly mistakes aren’t made.

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The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance

The condition of your wood is something that will change over time, and many people believe they will see it fade away. Sometimes, however, wood can deteriorate and weaken from the inside. You will not always be able to spot this decay at the beginning.

It is important to treat symptoms, but it is equally important to perform preventative maintenance as well. Our service technicians have been properly trained to spot early detection signs of decay, and can help make your property more durable rather than treating it after the decay happens.

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